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Windsor, ON Friday November 1st, 2019 at 1:02 AM

Rude driver

Thurs night, Oct 31 I was driving to work and stopped at McDonald's on Drouillard for a coffee, I went through the drive thru and as I was exiting a man driving a black dodge Dakota sped very fast into the parking lot from Tec Rd. I drove behind him as he parked, I rolled down my window and told him he doesn't need to speed in a parking lot, he decided to start screaming at me, saying I was in the wrong for exiting when I did when clearly I was not in his way. He made fun of the work shirt I was wearing saying I need to get rid of my $5.00 shirt, he was yelling and swearing at me, I told him I was reporting him to the police because I have his make, model and license plate #, and he was clearly in the wrong but is just a rude , ignorant and very disrespectful person, I also have a description of the guy. You are a mean individual and should go back to driving school. I will also be contacting McDonald's corporate because I would like to know when exiting a drive thru or driving into a parking lot who exactly has the right of way?

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