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Windsor, ON Friday September 20th, 2019 at 7:13 PM

Accident Help

I had a car accident on Buckingham today where I was 100% at fault. Although I sustained minor injuries, the care I received from EMS and surrounding neighbors were gracious & compassionate! One neighbour provided me with a bottle water. Another walking by was the first on the scene and made sure I was alright! I wish I had gotten your names. A gentleman (Al) from the area called police and ambulance on my behalf. He helped my daughter empty personal belongings from my vehicle and provided us with a ride home afterwards. The owner of the vehicle I hit was calm & showed concern for my wellbeing! EMS gave me excellent care (blood pressure & EKG) All results were clear! I sustained minor injuries to my sternum! I am grateful to you all. Your help and concerns eased my shell shocked nerves which kept me calm and free from distress! Thank you my neighbouring Windsorites!

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