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Windsor, ON Sunday August 18th, 2019 at 2:07 AM

Drydens Service Dog Journey

Meet Dryden Szucki.

Dryden is an 8 year old tecumseh boy who is severely autistic, functionally non verbal, ADHD. He has no sense of danger and loves to run and explore, which is becoming increasingly dangerous for Dryden and causing a lot of stress and worry on his mom.

Dryden is in need of a specially trained service dog in order to help keep him safe. The cost of the dog is quite expensive as you can imagine, in excess of $8000. Currently, friends of Drydens mom are selling "Admit One" tickets for Lakeshore Cinema. The tickets cost $10 and are good for any general admission or luxury recliner movies. They never expire.

You can purchase tickets or make a donation of any kind towards Drydens Service Dog Journey by contacting Jen Hennin @

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