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Windsor, ON Tuesday August 13th, 2019 at 11:42 PM

Man who bought my Sub

I was having a rough few weeks, I finally got the courage to go to the gym and hit up a hot yoga class at the Goodlife @ Tecumseh Mall. When leaving the gym I was thinking I should grab a veggie sub at subway. So I stop in the Subway near the gym (Tecumseh and Lauzon Pkwy). A few people were ahead of me and this one particular guy was ordering a sub, he said something strange when he was ordering and I shot him a look (which I feel really bad for) but he continued on, as did I. I ordered a 12-inch veggie sub with extra cheese and guac. I go to the counter to pay and the cashier informed me that the person ahead of me paid for my sub!

I was flabbergasted. Never in my life has anyone done that type of gesture for me.

I was wondering to myself that maybe he could actually feel what I was going through (because it has been ROUGH these past few weeks).
God Bless Him.
God knows I needed that at that moment.
Will definitely be paying it forward tomorrow morning.
Thank you!

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