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Windsor, ON Sunday June 2nd, 2019 at 10:47 PM

Group of Teens harassing walkers

East Windsor area, by John's Pond and Aspen Lake trails area around 7:30pm on Sunday, June 2nd.
Group of 3 teens, estimated ages of 15-17, two girls and 1 boy. Girl in white/ pink? t-shirt and Jean shorts, dirty blonde? hair, girl in all black skinny jeans, dark shirt hair and black beanie, boy in bright red shirt, weird walk.
I was separated from my friends as we were playing Pokemon Go today and I heard this group approaching, mainly heard like teenage screaming and general shenanigans at first but as they approached I realized they were saying, loudly saying, some really nasty stuff about my appearance, weight, and then looking at me and laughing. As they were walking by, my friend approached and I heard them say, again very loudly as they were about 4 feet away from us, "what's with all the fat people today,"
I couldn't believe my ears, I was shocked that these kids were saying such horrible things with us literally standing right there, and with such confidence.
Please be careful, other walkers or pokemon go players around this area, I honestly think these kids were trying to get a rise out of people and start fights.

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