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Windsor, ON Friday September 28th, 2018 at 11:07 AM

Driving on Dominion

Dominion especially closer to Cabana has become a Harzard once again. Several times since school began I have witnessed a number of close calls, or had them myself. Drivers do not seem to know the Rules of the road, or just don't care. IF you are in a lane with a parked car on the road YOU have to wait for oncoming traffic NOT try to squeeze between.
Coming around the BEND by Cabana speed limit slows down 30 I think FOR GOOD REASON. You can't see oncoming traffic, people turing into their driveways or the parked cars/ trucks that oncoming traffic has to go around them. Too many times I've witnessed mostly (young drivers, co ordinates with St. CLAIR yr beginning) behind the wheel of these speeding vehicles, having to slam on their brakes to avoid a collision, or see them lose control and swerve into the opposite lane or speeding down Dominion only to slam there brakes at the 4 way stop by Roselawn. Dominion is not as bad during the summer months. DOMINION is a two lane residential road not an expressway. There is no need to speed/ try to squeeze by parked vehicles.

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