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Windsor, ON Saturday December 7th, 2013 at 4:03 PM

Oh spotted in Windsor I need your help! My husband and I took our kids out of a gift exchange on my side of the family so that the kids can NOT receive a gift but GIVE a gift to a needy child. Our kids nowadays have EVERYTHING a kid could ever want so we decided to give to some needy kids this year and have our kids heavily involved. My husband and I went to Kholes in the states to purchase 20 stuffed animals to donate. At Kholes if u buy "certain" ones...they donate 100% to kids we thought yay! Double whammy! But one problem...we need ideas if WHERE we can go to donate these. I thought of having the kids give them to children in the hospital at this time of year but they won't let us do that. We could but wouldn't be allowed to give them out ourselves. Someone else would. Which is okay but defeats our point of our kids seeing the blessing they are doing by their giving. So that's where u guys come in! Where oh where can we donate these stuffies to unfortunate kids? My children would love to hand them out...any ideas????

Signed, a mom and dad trying to teach their kids to give in such a "get" society.

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