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Windsor, ON Saturday December 7th, 2013 at 1:57 PM

Spotted : I was entering Devonshire mall a few days ago from the entrance by Moxies when I saw an elderly woman struggling with her bags. She would take a few steps and drop her heavy bags and try to pick them up again. There was a large group of young people standing/ sitting on a bench right next to where this poor woman was trying her best with her shopping bags. Not a single one of them, nor many of the people passing her offered to help. Some of them even looked directly at her but failed to do anything about the situation. Where are your hearts people? If we spent a little less time texting and updating Facebook statuses on our phones we could help brighten someones day with the simplest gesture. The older woman was so sweet and grateful, my heart broke that more people did not jump at the opportunity to walk 20 feet out of their way to help her. Please keep your eyes out for the sweet eldery that may need a hand this holiday season! Thanks! - A disheartened shopper

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