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Windsor, ON Friday February 3rd, 2017 at 7:11 PM

Two very happy boys!

Last week I inquire do on this beautiful print of elephants to give to my mom as elephants are her favourite. When the lady came to drop it off, I had forgotten she was coming as I had a very hectic day at work & rushed home to get my kids from the bus. I completely forgot to stop at a ATM and had no cash on me. She insisted I take the print anyways and that she'd come by next time she was in town. My kids as per always love to talk to everyone & chatted with her for a moment. Anyways, she came tonight to collect the money and when she came in she had two more prints (I didn't order), Star Wars, my boys FAVORITE. She handed them to me and said to give them to the boys , that "they are so cute". Thank you to Tricia, you made my boys night. They can't wait to hang them up in their room! Your thought & generosity is greatly appreciated!!
A true angel.


Very happy family! :)

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