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Windsor, ON Saturday December 30th, 2023 at 8:46 PM

There are nice people out there

This evening I took my 2 daughters ages 7 & 8 out for girls night. They were supposed to go to their dads for Christmas tonight however he cancelled. My girls were pretty upset so I said let's go have some fun. Now I mean with Christmas just passing by spending extra money was not in the cards, but I felt compelled to brighten their night. So we went into my go to place Nail Tech. So I sat there with my daughters they had their nails done for New Years Eve and I had mine down as well. While we were there, another woman and her daughter were there getting their nails done. They finished first, as the woman was leaving she decided to pay for my 2 daughters nail appt. She didn't say a word just paid and went on her way. As I am a regular there the tech was like do you know her? No not at all, why? And then she told me. I just about burst into tears. We needed this. My children needed to know that there are amazing people in the world and they do things for no recognition, just the thought of making someone else happy. Well you sure did make our night. It sparked up a bunch of great conversations and she made an a amazing impression on my children's lives tonight.
I wasn't able to catch the lady in the parking lot - but who ever you are out there you were an angel in disguise tonight. Thank you for adding some bright light to our night out ❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️

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