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Windsor, ON Tuesday April 18th, 2023 at 6:39 PM

To the man who was dropping off his prescriptions at Shoppers in the mall around 5PM today thank you. I had to come into the pharmacy to talk to them about changing the delivery driver for my medications because he kept giving me compliments for months and it started to feel like harassment. I'm a young woman and the driver is an old man. The man dropping off his prescriptions sympathized with me and said that I shouldn't have to pick up my meds because Shoppers drivers behave badly. I really felt seen especially since a man told me this because even my own mother and my best friend who are women could not empathize with me and prioritized the perspective of the delivery driver. It helped me feel safe and secure that there are people who know what harassment can look like and I felt really validated. I was able to get a different delivery driver so everything worked out in the end. Thank you so much to this kind gentleman, you have been spotted.

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