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Windsor, ON Friday February 3rd, 2023 at 8:39 AM

Perves outside of school

I am going to go a bit on a rant here, bc I am boiled!! The past few mornings, showing up to drop MY KIDS off to school, this car has been parked here. Ok cool, I thought yesterday maybe he was just sleeping... it happens right people sleep in there cars. Well long and behold another head pops up. Hmm ok . So because my vehicle is higher up I can see directly into there car. Now I'm not gunna go into detail, I can see clearly what's going on. Whatever I blow it off yesterday. Pull up today to the SAME thing. Now I have my kids in my car asking all sorts of questions. I honked my horn to let them know a library parking lot BESIDE THE SCHOOL is NOT an appropriate place to be doing that kinda thing. Especially with kids coming. So they continued I then get our of my car bc at this point I'm livid. Go do that shit somewhere else!!! They then leave. Long story short, if you want to do that do it somewhere else. No infront of a library, beside a school and with kids around. Because now I have 2 kids asking questions that at there age they shouldn't need to know about!!

A super pissed off mother!!!
Rant over

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