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Windsor, ON Tuesday February 1st, 2022 at 7:24 PM

Angry Truck man at Tim Hortons

To the dark haired young man in the gold truck with the yellow Support our Troops ribbon at the Tim Horton's at Ouellette and Eugenie this morning at 9.

Not only did you speed and cut me off dangerously to beat me to the drive thru line, you impatiently yelled as the person ahead of you placed an order. Screaming F*ck and speeding out of the drive through without looking and nearly hitting a car as you squealed on to the road.

That women was not deserving of that behaviour. She is not to blame for your inability to control yourself. When I tipped her and apologized on your behalf-she mentioned that you regularly do this and she feels bad that things are so complicated for you. She treated you with grace and compassion that you don't deserve. I hope that wherever you work and whatever you do for a living-that you don't have to encounter people as toxic and hateful as you are.

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