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Windsor, ON Tuesday August 31st, 2021 at 9:12 PM

Ignorance at East End Walmart

To the "grown woman", who also had a young child with her:

Absolute shame on you! It was one thing raising your voice, making your inpatience clear in line by making comments about the cashier taking too long to clean her register - but to go as far as to verbally assault her on your way out, is a totally different story. Let's also take into consideration laughing and mocking this girl with your growing daughter, teaching her bullying is acceptable. I hope you know your ignorance & racism was seen, not just by us, but by management as well. If you were in such a rush, you should have purchased your groceries & left. Not proceeded to make that cashier feel like garbage for doing what she could, the best she could. If you want others to "mind their own businesses", perhaps think twice about making someone feel terrible at their place of work around other customers & management.

Absolutely disgusted.

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