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Windsor, ON Thursday August 19th, 2021 at 3:48 PM


I never thought I would write this about a local business but this one deserves it and I know i am not alone.

I went to CAFE OLE at the South Windsor Medical Center and received the rudest, most unprofessional treatment I have ever received in ANY business. Honestly, they lack basic MANNERS; both the owner and staff (or his son perhaps).

Mind that this is the SECOND time I received this treatment from them. But what happened today was just UNNECESSARY and could have caused way more damage then intended.

I took my dad to the lab for blood work, and he suddenly started feeling dizzy so i ran to their convenience store (its not a cafe tbh) to buy 'orange juice'. My dad is still recovering from a serious heart attack and has heart failure so this is more critical then just.. dizziness. Anyway, the owner stopped me and was SO RUDE. He told me that i can either sanitize my hands or tell the staff what i want--which i didnt mind ofc, obviously i am okay with either of those.

Anyhow, I was a bit taken back with that treatment. I just wanted to get what i needed so i said 'I just need orange juice' and didnt get into the store fully.Instead of just getting me what i needed, he CONTINUED the rude treatment saying all kinds of stuff that were unnecessary and I didnt have time to listen. So i said 'Listen i dont appreciate the attitude ---" and he cut me off and said "GET OUT OF THE STORE THEN" .... bruh what now?

So i tried to tell them that my dad needs any snack and isnt well, and neither him NOR his staff listened. They just asked me to leave? Like are you guys serious?

The pharmacy next door saw me rushing around and called me in so i told them what happened, so they gave me some chocolates for my dad. They also told me that they ALWAYS get complaints about this CAFE OLE. Hence they sell basic snacks and all that themselves now (no comment)

I honestly wanted to look up this place because for a bit i thought it was my fault? Even though I didnt create a scene and was ok with following all the rules he set up for his own business. But then i saw tons of NEGATIVE comments about the same guy. This guy is viral for being rude and unprofessional. There are legit SO MANY bad reviews about him having no manners.

There is also lengthy review of him being so rude and vulgar to a 3 year of CHILD. I cant believe how he can stay in business and people can still shop from him.

I also looked them on Facebook and they deactivated their account, probably because all these negative reviews were FROM Facebook. I found the reviews on 3rd party websites.

So please do me a favor and don't shop from there.


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