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Windsor, ON Sunday August 15th, 2021 at 1:52 PM

Zehrs on Lauzon: Quick Thinking Health Care Aide

I was shopping at Zehrs yesterday on Saturday August 14th picking up a handful of items my grandmother needed, as she has difficulty shopping due to COPD. While waiting in line to pay and seeing +6 customers walk by I noticed an elderly woman seated on a set of blue stairs who appeared to have difficulty breathing. Following a handful of questions I ran to get her a bottle of cold water and grab the pharmacy team members to help assess the situation. I really wanted to call out another customer - named Mary - who luckily turned out to be a nurse aide and was really able to immediately take over the situation. She assessed the elderly woman's vitals which were erratic and quickly summarized her reasoning for this woman's medical issues. Because of Mary's calm assessment of the situation I was able to provide the 911 operator with very clear and concise information. Mary also quickly instructed the pharmacy team to grab a baby aspirin and then ensured the elderly woman chewed it prior to swallowing to ensure rapid ingestion. I also wanted to call out the customer - which I was not able to get his name - who immediately volunteered to run outside and direct the ambulance to where we were (he ran like a bat out of hell to be honest lol). Lastly, although it was not necessary it was a very kind gesture of the Zehrs manager to not charge me for the groceries, which made me cry because they were for my grandmother so the gesture was immediately paid forward!!! My grandmother was touched and expressed her gratitude as well.

What a great moment for me to experience in this city, seeing strangers come together when one of our community members is in need!!! My heart is happy today as such.

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