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Windsor, ON Wednesday August 11th, 2021 at 4:31 PM

Angry old man threatens female motorcyclist

To the old man with the fragile ego that felt the need to inflict his road rage upon me and my motorcycle today on tecumseh near Lauzon. At a stop, you decided to pull your giant, black, SUV up behind my bike within 5 inches, to initiate your expression of anger I assume. When I turned and flashed you the finger for pulling up dangerously close to me, you proceeded to pull up NEXT TO ME IN THE SAME LANE to roll your window down and tell me that "I cut you off. And I know what I did". As the light turned green, your rage then made you gun it to make sure that you cut me off in our, now shared, lane. You could have easily crushed my bike and killed me with your actions today. Not to mention how intimidating it is as a female rider to have an aggressive male pull up in a dangerous and threatening manner. Your behaviour makes me weep for your family and worry for any children around you. If a simple, unintended cut off can cause you to almost kill a motorcyclist, what do you do at home???

Try yoga. Or a diet change to deal with that anger problem.

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