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Windsor, ON Thursday March 18th, 2021 at 6:36 PM

Sweet note

Rivard Freshco
This spectacular lady and the best cashier.
I seen her write a little cute note to someone who can't come out to shop.
The caregiver told her how much they miss her. And she takes the time to write sweet notes to make their day special.
Her one co worker said she does this often. That she loves her people. And will do what it takes to bring happiness to someone.
I was talking to the woman outside the store and she was so thankful for Doris going out of her way to make her mom smile. She said her mom is elderly and can't risk going to shop. And puts her notes on the fridge every time she gets one.
I really hope freshco appreciates the effort she takes with the customers.
She's one in a million.
I'm always guaranteed a laugh or a genuine smile when I see her.
The picture was posted on another great write up about her.

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