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Windsor, ON Tuesday March 16th, 2021 at 11:28 PM

Possible human trafficking

( sorry that it's long ) Ladies watch out at the east Windsor Walmart some crazy shit almost just happened to me I parked my car and got out walking towards Walmart and out of nowhere a man in his 50s to 60s with glasses approached me asking me how I liked my car because his son was thinking about getting the same one. So fair enough I answer him and then He pinches my coat as if to guide me closer to him and tells me about how I should be locking my car doors from the inside because someone got their stuff stolen and I have to be safe as a girl blah blah blah he then pinched my coat again and continued on about the story. I was polite and thought maybe it was just a too friendly old man . Then approaches the second man wearing a black ball cap and he looked older definitely 60's and they were chatting with each other as if they just happened to run into each other. The man put his arm out to say almost like go through the door first so I did not thinking anything of it and I walked into the store so quickly and walked away just in case and I went down literally only one specific Aisle to get shampoo . And was down the aisle for less than five seconds when he approached me in the aisle I quickly grabbed the thing I wanted and hurried towards the cash registers I picked a female to cash me out just in case I would have to say some thing. I am in line now and I looked behind me and see that the second man is watching what I am doing and he's just walking back-and-forth as if he was thinking about which line to get in but he didn't have anything in his hands. Keep in mind I was literally in the store for less than five minutes and that first man directly followed me to the aisle I was in and now the second man is watching where I was cashing out. I cash out my things and I see to the one cash over the second man Who was watching where I was cashing out buying a pack of gum. He finish cashing out first and then just stood there as if he was waiting for someone even though he didn't initially enter the store with this man they just happened to run into each other but they weren't shopping together. I then speed walk directly past him and exit the store and I'm basically running to my car as fast as I can and I get in my car and I don't see the first man's truck parked around me anymore. They were clearly working as a team and I have no idea what they had planned for me but luckily I got away please be vigilant around your surroundings I definitely wasn't when I entered the store.

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