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Windsor, ON Thursday February 25th, 2021 at 9:23 AM

What happened to all the kind and apologetic Canadians?

As I go back out into the City with stores reopening, I am saddened by what I have seen. A grown man berating a teenage store employee because he can not just walk into the store because it's at capacity, An older woman getting snippy with a girl at another store because they can not offer extra discounts at this time with coupons. I have seen lots of people refusing to follow the health and safety guidlines/ law to keep your mask up over your nose while in stores after just being told/ asked to do so with many becoming angry and then verbally attacking the store employee. There are people wearing spit guards that offer no protection for anyone and think it's ok to berate a store employee when asked to wear a face mask instead to go into the store. So many people seem to be attacking innocent store employees that are probably worried if they will still have a store to work at by Summer with so many closing their doors. They are worried about catching COVID from customers who won't follow the safety guidelines and they are tired of going home after each shift having been verbally abused and feeling so drained and let down by their fellow Canadians. It's very sad to see Canadians act this way when we are known all over the world as being kind and apologetic.

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