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Windsor, ON Saturday February 20th, 2021 at 2:29 PM

I was recently in a hardware store and witnessed an incident that is sickening.
A male customer was asked by a staff member to put his mask on correctly. With that, the customer pulled the mask completely off his face. A manager was called to deal with the customer who became belligerent towards the staff. The manager explained that it was not his rule but, that of the health unit and the Provincial government. At this point, the man said, you're only doing this because I'm black, you're a racist.
Thankfully, the staff and a few customers yelled, "this is not a racial issue".
We are all tired of wearing a mask when we go out; put yourself in an employees shoes where they not only have to wear a mask but, have to deal with angry, ignorant customers.
Start treating people nicer.

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