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Windsor, ON Thursday February 11th, 2021 at 3:26 PM

Angry Driver on Jefferson

Today I was driving on Jefferson when I had to merge into the left lane since the lane was ending. I merged safely and with signalling/ enough room, but apparently the man driving behind me didn't feel the same. He sped up, pulled into the left turn lane next to me, and threw something heavy at my car. I was surprised and stopped. My window was rolled down. He rolled down his and proceeded to throw other heavy objects at me/ my car. I was so stunned I didn't get a license plate. It was a grey/ silver car. The guy was wearing a snapback hat. To the man who did that: I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Whatever is going on in your life that caused you to behave in that way must be difficult. I would never want to live my day to day life holding in the anger that you clearly possess.

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