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Windsor, ON Monday January 18th, 2021 at 4:24 PM

Durango/Lincoln accident

Saw an accident happen behind me January 18th approx. 3:30 pm right in front of the east end Walmart. A Silver Dodge Durango and a Blank Lincoln collided. The Lincoln ended up on Walmart's front lawn by the bus stop. the Durango had young kids in it and a young-looking mother who was obviously shaken up. I asked if they were ok but they quickly ran to the other vehicle and to talk to the police. There was a police officer at the light who I believe witnessed the accident. There were other police units on scene with an ambulance very quickly so I didn't stay. Just want to see if anyone knows the drivers of these 2 vehicles. I Just want to make sure everyone involved is ok especially the children into the Silver Durango. I Really hope everyone is ok and the only damage was the vehicles. If anyone knows the drivers or maybe the drivers will see this, maybe you can let me know an update. praying all are safe and sound tonight

Signed guy in the Grey truck.
Thank you

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