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Windsor, ON Tuesday January 5th, 2021 at 12:43 PM


Last night I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a post on a Windsor buy and sell page. It was a Maltese puppy that needed to be rehomed. I was interested, so I messaged the lady inquiring about it. She said the puppy was a 12 week old male Maltese, potty trained & friendly with kids and other pets. I then noticed that the initial post on the buy and sell page was taken down, so I asked her why. She said that she deleted it cause she doesn't want many people because it's legit and wants a serious buyer. That's when I thought, well that's fishy... why wouldn't you want multiple people interested? I then asked her how much the puppy was & she said $300. Umm yeah right loll that kind of puppy is well around a couple thousand dollars & puppy's are in high demand right now, so that's another red flag. I asked her where the puppy came from & she said she's the owner. I continued to ask, so you're the breeder? And she said yes. She said she has paperwork of his updated vaccinations and that he got them at Walker Road animal hospital. I then asked her if I could see photos of the Mom & Dad dogs, because if you're a breeder, you must have the Mom & Dad there too. She ignored those messages for hours. She then messaged me at 2am and said hello. When I woke up I replied and asked her if she still had the puppy. I knew it was a scam at this point. I asked her what her address was. She gave me her address and told me it was a house. I googled the address and it was in Windsor housing, therefore it isn't a house. She told me I could pick her up at 8pm tonight cause she gets off work at 7pm. I told her I would be there at 8pm tonight. She then continued to say that I needed to make a deposit to secure the purchase of the puppy because a lot of people are interested and then I would pay the rest in cash. There was no way in hell I was about to do that ahah so I said I don't have etransfer so I can't. She then asked me if I had PayPal. I said nope, I will give you cash and you give me the puppy. She agreed. I asked her if the puppy was in good health and she ignore my message. My dad then drove by the address that she gave us and called me to tell me that that address doesn't exist. The address she gave us was 2275 Sierra Drive Windsor ON, 29E 2Y9. My dad drove by and saw every address leading up to that but not that address. There was just a big empty lot. I messaged the lady and said the address she gave me isn't a house. She then blocked me. I kinda had a feeling from the get go that it was a scam, there were so many red flags, but I wanted to have a convo so I could post it on here for everyone to see. It's honestly sad. She got photos of a Dog from google and tried to scam people out of there money. Happens everyday folks. Beware. Please do not fall for this. Please Share. This lady's name is Rokibat Jayeoba. I attached photos of the woman, the dog and screenshots of our conversation. Please share!

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