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Windsor, ON Friday December 11th, 2020 at 11:11 PM

Christmas Cheer

I wanted to share a feel good story about my shopping experience at the Devonshire Mall this afternoon, December 11th around 4pm. My daughter and I went to the mall to finish up some Christmas shopping and we went to Garage. My daughter was trying on some clothing and there were two girls who had just come into the store. They looked very happy, laughing and having a great time enjoying each other's company while browsing the clothes. My daughter came out as they waited to enter the fitting room and they just started complimenting her. You look so great in those pants! Those pants look amazing on you! You need to buy those, they look so comfy and cozy! It brought a smile to my daughter's face as well as mine. The employee showing the ladies to their change rooms was also complimented. You look perfect in that outfit! Wow, you look so good - that outfit looks so good on you! . Again, more smiles from everyone involved. The girls names were Veronica and Annie (I heard the staff member ask when directing them to their change rooms). To Veronica and Annie, you two girls brought so much joy and happiness to us today. I wish more women would build each other up, share compliments, create feel good vibes and smile more often. You made my day. You made me realize that there is still happiness to be had even in these horrible times. Thank you for being you! Keep it up!

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