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Windsor, ON Thursday July 2nd, 2020 at 6:59 PM


I was at giant tiger Off of Pillette Rd., Thursday, July 2. As I was walking in, a lady' was giving the young man at the door a hard time because somebody was in the store without a mask. He told her she had a medical condition. Her response was did she have a card? Shame on you for taking your frustration out on this young man who is just doing his job. I'm sure he's making no more than minimum wage. If you had an issue with this you should've asked to speak to the manager. It's not up to this young man to police and confront people. The sign on the door did not say mandatory masks. What is wrong with you? If you didn't like it maybe you should've just left. There is so much rudeness and disrespect in this city, that makes me sad. People need to relax and just be kind to one another.

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