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Windsor, ON Tuesday June 30th, 2020 at 4:29 PM

Town of Lakeshore

Just to begin, I have never posted anything like this but today is the exception. Way to go Town of Lakeshore! Went to spend a beautiful day at Belle River beach and greeted by BEACH CLOSED signs. By-law officers and OPP were present and doing their job ( politely I may add). When I asked about the beach closing, I was told it was in response to overcrowding and a few misbehaving people not following the rules. COVID is real. Yes, I as much as anyone understands that. However, closing the very few recreational areas left available, not necessary. Then I say ticket or warn offenders, patrol the beach and punish the offenders at the time. Be proactive and take care of the problem at that time. Do not be reactive to those few who now have taken away the beach space for families, children, couples, friends etc... I sat on the grassy park section and watched many sad children being turned away crying not understanding why they had to leave. One child said I don't understand, we are staying far away from others, why do we have to leave? how long will this recreation area be closed and more kids and families have to suffer for the actions of a few? This bureaucratic wise sweep reactive decision making is maddening and very disappointing for the town of Belle River. Then we were asked to leave the grassy park area away from the water to be surrounded by fencing. Wow, slight overkill there. Kids playing, throwing footballs, picnic lunches, sorry, closed!!! Fence up, how lovely. There are always those that won't follow rules, that is society. Deal with those few and let others have some minuscule sense of normalcy. Absolute shame on Lakeshore council 😡😡😡

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