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Windsor, ON Wednesday October 23rd, 2019 at 10:09 PM

Stolen from gravestone

I don't usually vent on FB however, I am disheartened tonight to find out someone took our rocks from my parents tree and gravesite. These rocks were special as they all came from Salmonier Newfoundland,my dads home. My sister Dar and I spent time painting these with there names on it and each of the grandchildren. We placed them on the gravesite on my moms anniversary,Aug 6 this year. To think someone is that cruel and unkind of the dead is the lowest kind of human being. I am hoping I am wrong and they show back up. I have contacted the cemetery however I know this isn't the first time as I have had 3 small Christmas trees taken and I've read others have lost stuff. I put this out in hopes of shaming whoever took these as you see they are unique.

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