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Windsor, ON Thursday August 22nd, 2019 at 5:52 PM

Did you witness this accident?

I try to defend Windsor and it's citizens when I can, but I have a lot of difficulty doing so in this case.

I was the driver of a VW Golf that was hit head-on on Tuesday Aug 20, around 8pm on Wyandotte St W near Janette. I suffered multiple injuries in the accident.

First of all, not one fellow motorist or bystander stopped or checked to see if I was okay. Not even after the driver of the other vehicle got out of his, came over to mine, opened my door and started verbally accosting me and swearing at me, telling me it was my fault. I fully believe he was under the influence of something because of his behaviour. I had to lock myself in my car until WPS arrived. I was terrified and shaking from shock following the accident!

Second, I know there were plenty of motorists ahead of me and behind me during the downpour of rain around then. There were also people rushing to get out of the rain around where the accident happened. I know someone saw something!

If you were a witness to this accident, I beg you to call WPS and report what you witnessed. I know the accident was the other driver's fault but I need witnesses to tell WPS what they saw.

Report no. Is 19-78703

Please do the right thing and tell WPS what happened! Thank you! Any help is appreciated!

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