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Windsor, ON Thursday September 26th, 2019 at 3:29 PM

random helpfulness & to an amazing degree !

20190926 1255 @ Dollarama on Ottawa Street ..... - Talk About Paying It Forward !!!
After offering a man & woman the option to go ahead of me (since I had a cart full of items that were definitely going to take the lone cashier quite awhile to ring up), I was absolutely blown away by the young gentleman's generosity in reciprocating & just being an extremely nice guy ! In passing I had mentioned to both of them that I'd already missed the bus I intended to take and I had plenty of time before the next one, AND OUT OF NO WHERE he asked me, and to my great surprise how far I was going. Not far I told him, just to Parent Ave & Ottawa St, and here it comes folks. HE OFFERED TO GIVE ME (a handicapped person I must add) A RIDE HOME ! As I paid for everything he told me he'd be waiting out front when I was done. Sure enough as I left we connected again and we walked half a block to his car, introducing each to the other along the way. I had A LOT of purchases, A LOT !!!), and as heavy as they were he was quite happy to make room in his trunk for my 2 wheeled shopping cart as well as 2 large shopping bags - all stuffed to the brim ! Some extra room even had to be made in both the back & front seat areas to get me (along with a car seat, some toys, etc) into the car so we could be on our way. - and 6 blocks later I was home ! AND having had quite a bit of help I was (there's no other word for it) THRILLED that he had saved me a considerable amount of pain, as well as bus fare, and after offering him what it would have cost me to take a cab which he'd refused, I felt it was best to just offer a VERY HEARTFELT THANK YOU !
I'm not disclosing names here but I will say this: we need lots more Bulgarian people like this man ! AND we should all follow his example too !
I offer this married father of 2 (older boy, and a younger girl) a VERY BIG THANK YOU !

Something all readers might be interested in, 23 years ago I did almost exactly the same thing for an elderly woman that was having a hard time walking in deep snow to get to the A& P (showing my age aren't I) downtown.

Being a good person pays off. Maybe not soon, maybe not for a long time to come, but it does.
And the same thing applies in reverse too, Karma eventually comes around !

Thanks Mr. P.and as I said when you dropped me off your family should be VERY PROUD of DAD, and you can be sure that I'll PAY IT FORWARD !

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