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Windsor, ON Monday September 23rd, 2019 at 9:48 PM

It's one Lane NOT two lanes

This morning while awaiting my turn to make a left from dominion onto cabana, the impatient driver behind me was beeping their horn and pulling behind me as close as possible.
I guess they like some other's don't realize
Dominion at that spot is a ONE LANE ROAD and they just had to put on their patience panties and await their turn. I was also waiting for some younger students to cross before i could go. Dominion is a road that from roselawn to cabana has 2 grade schools with very young children crossing. To those that think I'm gonna move over for you to go when its one lane never gonna happen....wait your turn or go down Dougall its got 2 lanes.
was informed some residents on the street are getting plates/ videos of speeders flying down the residential road. So im sure it will be patrolled a lot more often.

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