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Windsor, ON Monday September 23rd, 2019 at 11:38 AM

Extreme Road Rage

I understand that people can be frustrated at times driving in the city but the middle aged bald man in the black dodge ram pickup truck this morning was the worst I've ever encountered. I take the same route every day so I know the red lights, pot holes etc. I take Central over the EC overpass, turn right on Deziel Road and left on Mannehim towards St. Etienne Blvd. He was following so closely that I was afraid to touch my brakes. I made sure not to antagonize him farther so I drove slightly above the speed limit. On St. Etienne Blvd he drove beside me very aggressively and veering towards me as to scare me. He sped off in front of me. Moments later I am behind him at the traffic light on Walker and Foster. He then gets out of his truck comes to my window and is swearing and yelling at me for "brake checking" him. Almost comical but his anger was palpable. He then proceeds to drive beside me on Walker, revving his engine and coming over the yellow line towards me. I watched him pull into the Windsor Airport but I wasn't comfortable approaching him. I didn't get a clear pic of his licence plate because I was shaking too much. Was it worth it sir? How dong did it take your heart rate to get back to normal?
I am just your average Caucasian middle aged woman, been driving accident free since 1980 when I got my licence. I have noticed lately that drivers are getting more and more aggressive lately. What's going on? Any ideas ? What can we do to alleviate this to make the roads a safer place to be?

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