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Windsor, ON Friday April 26th, 2019 at 8:33 AM

Lacasse Park

So ever since I read the "before calling 911" post yesterday this has been bothering me. As the woman who did call the cops, I just want to clear some things up. First, it was 2 women and 1 man. Secondly, we did not call because your son and the man did not look like each other. We called because as soon as they walked out of the mans vehicle the man said "what was your name again?" and the kid said "My name is xxx" and the man said "Okay, my name is xxxx". So, I'm sorry that it upset you that we called but that was a red flag to us. We even spoke to the police officer after and he told us that the man said it was his first day working with the kid and forgot his name so he understands how that could have looked bad. We did not know that he was a Respite worker, nor did we even think that? I'm glad that your son was not in danger, but he could have been. I would have felt horrible if it was a different situation where the kid actually did not know the man and I did not call. There's been too many stories these days of children getting kidnapped so we just wanted to be on the safe side.

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