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Windsor, ON Monday April 22nd, 2019 at 11:17 AM

Breakfast Interrupted.

My fianc and I were trying to enjoy a rare breakfast together at a Restaurant on Tecumseh when we could over hear one of the waitresses apologizing to the kitchen staff for making a mistake with an order.
The cook seemed to be blowing her off, so she continues to apologize and try and explain the situation. Next thing we know, the cook yelled SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!
We, and the other customers, all looked shocked as the waitress removed herself from the situation to collect herself.
It was one mistake, she's human, yelling at her was completely uncalled for and most definitely unnecessary. He did this in front of customers which was surely embarrassing for the waitress as well.
I hope the cook sees this and thinks about how he is treating employees.
As for the waitress, your son and his needs are more important than anything, you shouldn't have to apologize for trying to take care of your son when you make a mistake at work.
I hope your week only gets better from this point.

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