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Windsor, ON Friday April 19th, 2019 at 10:50 PM

Amazing Doctor and Nurses

I had a procedure done on April 11th and stayed for two nights on 2nd Floor North at Windsor Regional Hospital (Met) (2107A).
Dr Bradley Jasey was once again amazing. His kind demeanor has always been so reassuring and the great care he has taken to ensure this procedure and all three of my past c-sections have gone perfectly has been so greatly appreciated!
The nurses on 2nd floor North! Every single one of you were so kind, patient, and gentle. You all came in to work with smiles and kindness, ready to do whatever you could to make your patients as comfortable as possible throughout recovery. I had a lot of meds going on so I can't remember all the names but Katie and Megan R I will remember you clearly for making me smile. I felt very blessed to have you look after me. Thank you!

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