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Windsor, ON Sunday January 20th, 2019 at 9:10 PM

1st Class Citizens/Firemen

Last night, Saturday January 19th, I witnessed something truly remarkable and my faith in mankind has been restored. While at the Libro Credit Union in the Town of Essex around 6:15pm, I bared witness to three gentlemen (who I assume were volunteer firemen as they had a green light flashing in their vehicles) pull over to the side of the main street to assist a man who had fallen in the snow on the sidewalk in front of the Libro Credit Union. These men not only got the man to his feet but they ensured he was okay and one of the firemen put the man in his truck to drive him home. As I sat in the atm drive thru line at the Libro Centre, my eyes welled up with tears over the care and compassion these firemen showed to this poor man who had fell in the snow.
Kudos to these three gentlemen who could have easily kept driving but instead put others before one's self.
You've been spotted guys!

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