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Windsor, ON Monday November 19th, 2018 at 6:50 PM

Doggy Angel

Thank you to the lady on Howard ave today about 3:30 pm this afternoon. I was turning left onto Howard from Giles Ave when I seen a little beige dog running from the houses on Giles and onto Howard to my right. He had just escaped and he was running so fast but I could see he/ she had a leash around it's neck. I envisioned a tragedy as traffic was getting busy. The little dog stopped on the sidewalk almost at Erie st. when he seen your little dog across the street as you were walking. You seen him and I was able to stop my car and yell out to you that he was on the loose, while the car behind me stopped too and was very patient. You walked across the street ever so calmly to him and was able to get the leash. I was not able to yell out thank you or give you any information where I first saw him.
But I bet you that you saved his life today.

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