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Windsor, ON Sunday June 17th, 2018 at 4:08 PM

Free the baby goose

On Saturday June 16 2018 at 830pm my family went fishing under the ambassador bridge I noticed a baby goose was stuck in a fenced in cement pole in the river he couldn't climb or go under the fence too deep in the water. The auxiliary police told me he has been in there several hours and the humane society was unable to come till next day I started to panic I watched this little guy try so hard to remove himself. I told my daughter we have to get him out so my son and daughter went in the water bent the fence upwards to swim under they went to the other fence with my daughter inside the trapped area and my son on the other the baby was looking at them knowing they were gonna save him my daughter struggled to get him out but he was also scared, I kept telling her to hold onto the fence for some safety for herself my son was holding the other fence up which they ripped out from under the water.My daughter used a big piece of plastic as they lured it to the opening he fussed but they got him out people were clapping and saying thank you to my beautiful children, mind you they both stink like dirty nasty water but it was so worth it. I just want to say thank you to my children Robert Renaud and Shyanne Browning for being brave enough to go in the river also love you both very proud mother

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