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Windsor, ON Sunday January 7th, 2018 at 9:26 PM

Uneducated Driver

To the person who decided to call the police on me while I was driving a company car and was working on Jan. 7/ 18 around 8:20pm. You should definitely educate yourself on traffic laws and how to drive a motor vehicle safely. You called the police on me for passing a slow moving vehicle. You claimed I was speeding, passing on the shoulder, and "zipping" in and out of traffic. I didn't know it was illegal to pass a slower moving vehicle, you and the other vehicle, if a lane is open and it is safe to do so. Here is where I have an issue. You claimed I broke laws, but I have a feeling you left out your "driving" from the story. The fact you were driving slow in a passing lane(right lane is for slower drivers), you had to speed to catch up to me, you cut me off on a highway without signaling. After I safely went around you and exited the highway, you then cut me off without signaling and slammed on your brakes in a turn lane. After I safely passed you again, you followed me while tailgating and using your phone while driving. Just to let you know, I was driving to an alarm. I can't imagine how angry you'd be if it was your business I was on my way to, someone delayed me and I missed a burglar ransacking your busniess. Luckily for you I have a clean driving record and I drive for a living, otherwise your unsafe driving could have got us both hurt. Please don't try and be the police.

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