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Windsor, ON Tuesday January 2nd, 2018 at 10:15 AM

Stolen Bikes

Whomever took the time to open our back gate, come INTO our yard to steal not one but TWO bikes...shame on you!! Then you left your piece of crap bike in place of two very good bikes. Let's just add insult to injury why don't we?

You lowlife piece of scum! We work hard for the things we have. You stole bikes from teenage girls!! One is a green ten speed with racing handlebars. The other is a black racing mountain bike. You had to case our backyard , you had to walk into MY yard in order to even SEE the bikes. They were not left laying around. Your footprints are in the snow !

Were you coming back to our home for the beer you saw on the deck cooling in the snow? You didn't get that did you? No because my husband brought the beer into the house. So you took my daughters bikes instead. We work hard for the things we provide our kids. We don't work so you, a THIEF , can waltz into our private property and STEAL what you didn't work for! I hope you crash on those bikes and hurt yourself. It might teach you a lesson.

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