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Windsor, ON Saturday December 2nd, 2017 at 9:39 AM

Awesome Service

Last weekend, while rushing to get to a doctors appointment with my two young children - I left our home to find that I had a flat tire. I got the kids in the car the whole time thinking "What am I going to do? Where can I quickly get some air in my tire?" I stopped at Beverly Tire (GoodYear) on Howard Avenue. I ran into the reception area and explained my situation - The gentleman at the desk immediately told me to pull up my vehicle and they would put air in the tire. A gentleman named Glen came out - checked the flat tire, advised that he would put air in but that I would likely need a new tire. He offered to take it in and have a look right there and then but I had that doctors appointment to get to. He filled the flat and checked all the other tires. He said that I wasn't tied to the service at Beverly Tire, but again stressed that I should get it looked at. I left there grateful for the service and the advice and made it to my appointment on time! Early in the week I called to Beverly Tire to make an appointment - they were able to get me in the next day. When I dropped the vehicle off in the morning I spoke to Joe at the service desk - explained what happened the previous weekend but also gave him some other issues to take a look at while the vehicle was there. I explained that with Christmas coming and money tight I needed to make the vehicle safe for winter driving but was looking for it to be cost effective. He said he would give me a call before making any fixes. He called not long after - gave me a list of things that needed to be fixed now and even some to keep in mind for the spring. The cost that was quoted was very reasonable. I picked up the vehicle after work - and it's driving now like it did when I purchased it years ago!
So to Glen, Joe and the staff at Beverly Tire (Goodyear) - thank you for your courteous, honest service! Sincerely, Your Newest Happy Customer

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