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Windsor, ON Wednesday November 1st, 2017 at 11:03 AM


At 2am, Wed, November 1st, on County Rd 8,
Bella was a beautiful yellow Lab who just had her 9th birthday September. We got her as a pup when we found out we were expecting our first child. I went to dog training with her throughout my pregnancy. 8 1\2 months, monster belly and training our family dog. She was in love with our 2 sons and looked after them dearly. She was full of life and love.

She just needed to do her business this morning before heading back inside for bedtime and snuggles. Her dad heard a "thud" while inside the house and his heart sank. He found her laying in the ditch. She was lifeless. Now we have to tell our boys that she's dead. They'll be all kinds of questions and we can't lie but need to be gentle with the truth. Our oldest has anxiety and this will surely crush him, since Bella has been there all his life.

How could YOU be so heartless?! I hope to God she left her mark on your vehicle and it costs you more then you can afford to fix it! I hope you feel guilty deep down inside your soul! I pray that karma hits you strong!

If anyone has any information please contact me.
Thank you.

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