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Windsor, ON Friday September 29th, 2017 at 1:22 PM

On Thursday Sept 28 at around 1pm I was waiting in line at Giant Tiger on Tecumseh Rd E. There was an elderly woman checking out in front of me, and she was moving very slowly. I observed the young male cashier, whose name I didn't get, as he dealt with the woman. He was cheerful with her despite the growing line. He was patient while she counted out change to pay with. She was worried about the strength of the bag, so he triple bagged her items. He smiled at her and chatted while she gathered her things and slowly moved on. It was a real pleasure to see a young person interact directly and compassionately with an elderly person. I complimented the cashier on his kind and gentle handing of the customer, and I left the store smiling at how nice the world can be. Thank you, young man. I wish I had thought to get your name 💜.

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