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Windsor, ON Monday August 7th, 2017 at 7:01 PM

Random Act of Kindness at the Vets, to the man who gave us a smile and money.

On Sunday night my husband and I brought our dog to the Lauzon 24hr Emergency Vet. This was our third visit that week I told you, as we waited. Our dog had stopped eating and had lost a significant amount of weight and we were worried that it was connected to the cancer she has. I could see your love and compassion in your eyes as you told our dog that "she was a pretty girl". You were picking up your significant others dog Benji. When it was your time to leave you handed me a hundred dollar bill and even though my husband and I refused you put it in my sweater pocket and said to put it towards our sweet girl and figuring out what's wrong. I want to tell you, your generosity brought tears to my eyes; I have never experienced such a random act of kindness. You are an amazing soul! Our sweet girl has started to eat again thankfully and we hope that she is on the road to recovery. I hope this somehow finds you! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your kind generosity but most of all I thank you for your thoughtful words and caring smile, you have no idea how much we needed that at the moment.
If anyone knows who this might be please tag them or share!
Once again thank you!

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