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Windsor, ON Monday August 7th, 2017 at 3:24 PM

If It Is Too Good To Be True.....It Probably Is!!

URGENT!! If It is Too Good to be True, it probably is!!! ALERT!!

I recently posted an ad to reflect my rather desperate need for a home for myself, my adult son and my brother. I don't know if the desperation of my situation drew these individuals to me, or if they just pick and choose here and there; targeting lower income and/ or elderly and disabled persons and other individuals struggling with living in todays world.

I am a forty-two year old mother, I am not too young nor too old and I have had some experience with life. I am writing in hopes that NO ONE falls victim to future scams set out by these perpetrators who targeted me.

Firstly, the home 2633 Tourangeau is for sale and not for rent, it has a for sale sign on the property and does not belong to a very polite, rather caring and particularly honest Rick Richard and family; cell number: 765 300 8408, email: Though seemingly family oriented and doting on the maintenance of his home, I have discovered this to be as false as I suspect his name and other information will turn out to be. This is a predator, likely of foreign descent due to his somewhat, broken English through communication. DO NOT send this person information or money!

Secondly, the home 3221 Halpin is also up for sale and no it is not for rent, nor will it be up for rent by a DR. FLORES; cell number: 765 300 8408. While forthcoming and seemingly quick to respond, he also is a predator seeking his income by stealing the savings and income of others.

Please take this information down, spread it around, do what you can to help exploit the very real trouble of rental tenancy scams and abuse; where it has become too difficult to find a rental home that is accommodating of ALL family-type needs, including, but not inclusive to low income and fixed or government support families and individuals. This has made many renters desperate for situations that come available that are a fit and could very well leave them open to be targets of the scam I was almost a victim of.

I am well aware that it goes both ways, I am familiar with poor tenants taking advantage of landlord/ lady's and managers, so much so that sometimes courts and the law are forced to get involved.

Please take the information down on the individuals I have listed, whether you are a tenant, home owner, agent, aware we can all be taken advantage of.

Attached Url links to my Kiji post with regards to this terrible thing that almost happened to me and I hope it stops at least one or two of the terrible people exploiting and taking advantage of others in the world!

Lisa Ochenduszko


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