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Windsor, ON Saturday August 5th, 2017 at 12:39 AM

Silhouette Motorcycle lady, thank you for being an angel!

I am the man that was riding that motorcycle. It was a beautiful day turned into the most horrific day of my life.
This goes out to a young lady who I could only imagine was the first one on the scene of an extremely scary and painful motorcycle accident that took place on Prince Road. August 2nd about 10:50am

As I'm typing this to you, anxiety and emotions are overwhelming and are showing on my cheeks. As you the silhouette motorcycle lady was above me looking down. I couldn't even tell you what color your hair was but I can tell you your voice was soft and comforting and at that point very much needed. I felt my body was twisted and bent in ways that only nightmares are made of. With concern and fear I'm yelling "my leg is broke" Quickly, That was no longer my concern or fear. The concern and fear turned into where is my mother? Where is my mother? Is my mother ok? Over and over. All i can hear in my pounding head is people yelling
And for some reason the sound of metal smashing knowing very well that am laying on the ground and can't move. The silhouette motorcycle lady head reached over me and in front of the Sun. She was the first one to inform me my mother is okay first one to approach me. She held my hand and was having a conversation as if I'm sitting in her backyard at her picnic table. Comforting and reassuring me, the noise of yelling and metal smashing escaped my head. It became a state of calm. Your human care went further than you know, i thank you with all of my heart especially the part of my heart you unknowingly tattooed because it's going to be with me forever, for life. Again I can't remember your face or hair color but I do remember your voice. I do know you live over there LOL (as you pointed) and your husband rides motorcycle. You were there before I lost consciousness. You were there when I came to. As soon as the paramedics came it seemed as if you disappeared like angels do. I hope this gets to you somehow, I truly do thank you.
Motorcycle silhouette lady thank you. Thank you thank you. So you know, my mother and I are okay. We have a long road of healing and Rehab to do. The really good news is, We have some healing and Rehab to do. If you see this or know who this lady is please tag her or share so I can find her!
You are truly an angel.

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