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Windsor, ON Thursday August 3rd, 2017 at 12:36 AM

thank you

I just want to say Thank you to the west bound truck driver in the Woodstock On route. You made my daughter extremely happy and she was full of stories about her new friend Sam the Mounted Police Horse.
You had watched her give the giant Mountie Moose a hug and how she played with and had asked If we could get the stuffed animal horse that she was playing with. I had explained that maybe after dinner and that I would think about it. You were a head of us in line at the Wendy's and must of heard her ask me again for the horse and my reply. After you had ordered and while waiting for you order you walked over and purchased the horse for her. I told you that you did not have to do that and you told me that she reminded you of your little girl who is now 21 who also loved horses. But because you drove truck and were away alot you missed alot of these moments.

I do not know your name or even what trucking company you work for, but you have been spotted kind sir. Your act of kindness made the final 3hrs of our drive home full of imagination and stories of where Sam the horse would take her.

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