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Windsor, ON Tuesday May 1st, 2018 at 5:35 PM

Taking advantage of hard-working people

This man in NOT homeless.
He lives in a trailer with his WIFE.
He gets his cheque from the government MONTHLY.

He begs for money almost daily from customers in the Walker Commons parking lot. (Walker Road, Windsor Ontario)

When you offer him food, drinks, gift cards ect he will say NO or take it and leave them on the sidewalk.

When he does get money from goodwilled, hard-working people he takes it to someone who will sell him bottles of beer. After he's had a few he comes back intoxicated and begs for more money. Sometimes very aggressivly!

This man is sick!
This man is an alcoholic!
This make takes advantage of the system and hard working people!

The only people I feel sorry for is these people who dont know who he really is and give him money to enable his alcoholism.

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