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Windsor, ON Thursday February 1st, 2018 at 12:15 PM

Gentleman Truck Driver

I was waiting to turn onto Walker Rd today, and the traffic was heavy as always. I thought wow, I'm never gonna get out of here. Just as I thought that, a funeral percession began to drive by. It was an immediate reminder to be patient in this traffic as someone had just lost a loved one. I turned to my right, and there was a large work truck pulled over stopping traffic with its 4-ways on, giving his respect to the families in the funeral precession. I just want to personally thank this truck driver. I have been in a percession for someone I loved very much, and people were honking, flying past us, horrible things. Your act of kindness and respect was very very much appreciated today.
This driver works for Excess Metals as written on the side of the truck. Thank you.

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