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Windsor, ON Friday August 23rd, 2019 at 11:41 AM

To the so called

This is very unlike me to post something like this but I am so upset that I just had to. I live in Lasalle and go for walks every morning. I am a forty something year old woman. I smile and say good morning to everyone I pass. This morning while out on my walk in between Malden and Matchette on Bouffard Someone was watering their lawn and it was going directly in the path of the sidewalk. I didn't want to get soaked so I had to walk on the patch of grass by the road. As I continued walking I heard somebody yell "Hey!!" I looked back and this man was on his porch and yelled to me, "what are you doing?" I said "what do you mean?" He said "did you not see the cones on my driveway, I'm sealing it." I pointed to the cones in front of me and said "but I didn't walk on your driveway" He said "look behind you there are cones on that side too, are you blind?" I said but I walked on the grass." He said "Exactly", so I said "where should I have walked?" He said "on the sidewalk", and I said "but I would have gotten soaked, I had no where to go but the grass because you have taken over this whole area" He then yelled at me to "Drop Dead" so I said "what a gentleman" to which he responded "you too!!" At that point I didn't want to engage him any further so I put my headphones on and continued walking. I'm quite sure he yelled something else at me.

So to the gentleman (and I use that word loosely), in Lasalle, If you were my father or husband I would be completely ashamed of your behavior. You were so incredibly rude and disrespectful. I wasn't being malicious or purposely trying to ruin your grass or driveway, I just didn't want to get soaked.

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